•    Experienced Team: Working closely with a specialised team to design our pieces, special products, new and innovative prototypes whilst ensuring that the production is carried out correctly.

•    We are creative: We can do almost anything in function of your specific desires and budget. Anyone wishing to realise such a project should contact our atelier. We can arrange a meeting discuss your project.

•    High Quality Standard: We have many years experience in the leather industry and believe that our clients deserve the best in terms of quality and craftsmanship. We are an atelier artisanal with a wide and varied portfolio, eager to undertake custom projects and provide one off pieces

•    Tailormade: Unique personalised leather projects made to the same high standards as all our other products. This contributes to a special cachet for your interior, shop, reception, workspace, office…



Chicago-born Ralph Baggaley came to Europe about four decades ago and has since clocked up more than 30 years of leatherwork experience. Whilst playing nomad in the 70s, living in Amsterdam house-boats and in a hippie commune in Ghent, the American native started playing around with cloths and later leather, selling his self-made bags, wallets and belts on markets. After several years at renowned Belgian leather companies Delvaux and S-en-ciel, the talented autodidact finally opened his very own studio, filled with all types of sewing machines, countless different knives, cutters, hole punches, thinning tools and, of course, all kind of leather – from poisonous Australian frogs to Columbian crocodiles or pythons.

I like leather that has a natural look to it and a good feel, that is not plasticky. I’ve been to so many places looking at leather to find the right one. Nowadays I know where to go and who sells what. The most expensive is calf leather. It can cost up to 80 euros a square meter,  » Baggaley explains. He not only makes the obvious leather products such as bags , belts or wallets, but also uses the material to construct daybeds, decorate furniture or bed-heads. His clients include hotels but also designers, such as Maarten De Ceulaer, for whom he made a stand out leather collection witch stirred up quite some attention in Belgium and abroad.


We design and fabricate almost anything you can imagine from the finest quality leather. From the simplest project to the most complicated, hard work goes into every development so we can get the best results for our customers.

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